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Meet Our Alumni


Christian Mancino

Class of 2020

Former Co-Captain Christian is known for his fun, loving personality, Christian's words often put other members at ease when performing for the first time, the 10th time, or the millionth time. This fall, Christian will attend Furman University (of which he could not stop talking about his senior year) in South Carolina. Christian will major in Politics and International Affairs, and, in the future, plans to enroll in law school. Christian is excited to start his own mock trial career at Furman, as well as returning to help out the Niles West Mock Trial Team.


Irena Petryk

Class of 2020

Former Co-Captain Irena will always be fondly remembered for her witty charm and her confident composure. While she may appear a bit serious at first, members quickly discover that underneath that exterior, Irena is an adorable, fun, and quirky friend. Whether it be dominating a Prosecution closing argument or tongue-tying opposing counsel in her objection battles, Irena never ceases to amaze. After graduating from Niles West in the spring of 2020, Irena carried her talents to Northwestern University in Illinois. She plans to major in chemistry and aspires to work in intellectual property law litigating parents.


Ali Akram

Class of 2020

Ali "Ali The Poet" is known for his enthusiasm and hard work in mock trial. Ali will attend the University of Illinois at Chicago this fall and major in Criminal Justice. He plans to join the mock trial team and crush his opponents with Improper Character Evidence objections, pursuant to Rule 404, of course. In the future, he aspires to become a criminal lawyer in his hometown of Chicago. Grateful to Niles West Mock Trial for helping him become the best version of himself, he is looking forward to returning to help out younger members on the team.


Eliana Meyer

Class of 2020

Eliana will be missed for her funny, witty remarks. Always knowing what to say, she is sure to lighten any mood and bring a smile to her teammates' faces.

This fall, Eliana will be attending Saint Louis University and majoring in Investigative and Medical Sciences. In the future, she hopes to utilize her skills as a medical researcher, perhaps for universities or important government agencies, such as the CDC or the NIH. Eliana is excited to help out the Niles West Mock Trial Team during holidays, or whenever she's not busy with her important scientific research.

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Lily Born

Class of 2020

Lily is fondly remembered for being the "mom" of the group: the sweetest, most caring, and most lovable member. She plans to carry her top-notch expert witness portrayals and intimidating attorney skills to Saint Louis University's mock trial team. There, she plans to major in Psychology. In the future, she hopes to use her compassionate spirit to help others in the field of therapy or psychiatry. She's excited to help out the Niles West Mock Trial Team whenever she can.

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