Niles Township.  Skokie.  Illinois.  United States.  ©2018 by Niles West Mock Trial.

Meet The Coach

Jason Stanford

Coach Stanford started coaching the Niles West Mock Trial team six years ago. He has enjoyed working with incredibly smart and motivated young people during his tenure as coach, When he is not coaching, he enjoys running, volunteering and hanging out with friends and family. Stanford plans to continue coaching at Niles West for the foreseeable future. 

Meet The Team

Christian Mancino

Captain Christian Mancino has been a member since his freshman year. Since he joined, he has performed as an attorney and gained experience with both speeches and examinations. He plans to pursue a career in law.

Irena Petryk

Captain Irena Petryk has been a member of Mock Trial since her freshman year.  She preforms as an attorney, and she does a great job coming up with new angles to our case.  She is also an active member in orchestra and DECA.

Ali Akram

Ali Akram started out on the mock trial team as a timekeeper his freshman year, but he has since risen to an attorney position. He's performed opening statements and examinations, and he keeps getting better.  Some even call him "The Smooth Operator".  Ali plans to pursue a career in journalism or political science.

Sydney Schroeder

This is Sydney’s second year in mock trial. Outside of mock trial she enjoys playing volleyball and softball, as well as playing in band and singing in choir. In the future Sydney would like to go into politics.

Valentina Esho

Valentina Esho joined Mock Trial her sophomore year. She has performed as both a witness and an attorney.  She enjoys participating in ASL club, as well as helping young children with their homework at a local library.

Lily Born

Lily Born joined the Niles West Mock Trial team in fall of 2017. Since then, she has amassed a multitude of enriching experiences and knowledge. She has learned a lot about becoming an attorney and plans to learn more about law and the justice system.

Miruna Cioc

This is Miruna's first year as a member of the mock trial team as an attorney. She is also part of Student Government and Freshman Cabinet. She enjoys playing basketball and watching Netflix outside of school.

Mark John (MJ) Deniega

M.J. Deniega joined Mock Trial while he was in eighth grade and is an attorney. Outside of mock trial, he enjoys playing volleyball, drawing, playing the violin and guitar, and spending time with his friends and family. Later on in his life, he hopes to become a national volleyball player for the U.S.A. Olympics team.

Julia Aptekar

This is Julia's first year on the mock trial team, and she is a witness. In her free time she volunteers at Wright Way Rescue and Chabad of Wilmette, where she helps lead a Sunday school for young children. She also plays the violin, piano, and guitar. At home, she practices calligraphy.

Mustafa Aasir Afzal

Mustafa Aasir Afzal is an attorney in Mock Trial. His hobbies include playing volleyball, hanging out with my friends, and practicing Mock Trial. He has wanted to be a lawyer ever since he has been a kid and Mock Trial felt like the perfect way to start that journey.

Eliana Meyer

Eliana Meyer joined mock trial her sophomore year, and has performed as an attorney. Outside of school, she plays piano and is a teacher’s assistant. She plans to pursue a medical career.

Minal Abidi

Minal likes to play soccer and draw when she is not doing Mock Trial. She also loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Iqra Rafi

Iqra is a freshman and this is her first year on the team and as a witness. Outside of Mock Trial, Iqra enjoys watching ‘The Office’, watching old movies, and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite movies are ‘The Outsiders’, ‘Back to the Future’, and so many more.

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